Dress Code

Guests are expected to wear clothes which are neat, clean and appropriate. The following attire is not permitted at the Knights of Columbus dances:

  • Bare midriff, crop tops that expose the abdominal area
  • Halter-tops, strapless dresses, tube tops and tank tops with spaghetti straps Tops that expose even partial cleavage (girls)
  • Tank top/sleeveless shirts of any kind (boys)
  • Shirts with explicit, offensive language or graphics
  • Clothing which is extreme in tightness or transparency (yoga pants/leggings)
  • Short Shorts or Short Skirts
  • Pajama bottoms

The Knights of Columbus Council #2393 reserves the right to make the final decision regarding appropriate dress at our sponsored events. Those guests that are identified as being inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to participate until the issue is resolved.


First Offense: Guest must change clothing. Warning.

Second Offense: Guest must change clothing. Parents notified.

Third Offense: Guest will be banned for next dance. Parents notified.

Fourth Offense: Guest will lose dance attendance priviledges. Parents notified.