Roe V. Wade

Over 53,150,000 babies have been slaughtered since the Roe v Wade
decision.  Thursday marks the 36th anniversary of the court
decision.  Tomorrow our most pro-abortion President in our
history will be sworn in.  He has repeatedly said that he is eager to
sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).  FOCA will overturn all state
laws on abortion - including bans on partial birth abortions and parental
notification for minors. FOCA will provide taxpayer money to pay for abortions
in the US and abroad.  FOCA will force doctors and hospitals who have
declined to perform abortions as a matter of conscience to kill babies. 
Doctors or hospitals refusing to perform abortions will be heavily fined or
forced out of business.  Think we have a healthcare crisis now in the
US?  Wait until we close all the Catholic or other hospitals who refuse to
become abortion mills.  Can't find an OB-GYN now?  Wait until those
doctors who refuse to perform abortions change their
From a Christian spiritual point of view, abortion is a mortal sin. 
Anyone dying in a state of mortal sin will be prohibited from entering Heaven
and suffer the pains of
Hell.  That's not Harry says; that's not Pope
Benedict says; that's not John Paul the Great said.  It is the
teaching of the Apostles that abortion will condemn a soul to Hell. 
Abortion is the murder of a child.  I think there's a Commandment
prohibiting murder.  This applies not only to the mother but the doctor,
the nurse, the people who counseled or coerced the mother to have an abortion,
the people who paid for the abortion, the politicians encouraging and supporting
abortion  and anyone else who is complicit in the murder of the baby.
Every time I go over abortion procedures I get complaints about being
graphic.  But if you can't stand to hear about the slaughter, how can you
permit it?  We don't call any other form of murder someone's choice. 
We prohibit other things people can do to their bodies.  You cannot be a
prostitute or sell an organ.  A minor cannot consent to any other medical
procedure (except in NJ where a 16 year old can get a breast enhancement without
parental consent.)  And it's not your body that's having the head crushed
and the arms and legs ripped from the torso or your brain being sucked from your
A few years ago, in Illinois, a woman delivered her baby.  People in
the next room heard the baby crying.  The mother killed her baby.  She
was arrested and convicted of murder.  On appeal, the Ill
inois court
overturned the verdict.  Since the placenta hadn't been birthed yet, they
decided the baby was still dependent on the mother for life and so this
wasn't murder because the baby wasn't a human yet.  Before becoming a US
Senator, President-elect Obama, as an Illinois state legislator, voted not
to give rights to babies who survived botched abortions.  Since
President-elect Obama voted against giving newly born rights, he apparently
concurs with this court decision.  And now he eagerly awaits signing
Tuesday, 1-2 million people will flood DC to see the inauguration.  On
Thursday a few hundred thousand people will flood DC to march for the life of
our children, the future of America.  If you cannot go to the march, you
can still participate by watching the life Mass at the National Shrine of the
Immaculate Conception on EWTN, you can go to services at your local Church, you
can stop in and spend time with the Most Blessed Sacrament, you can pray a
Rosary, you can say a prayer...for life.  And then write/email the
President (, your Senators ( and Congressman ( telling them you are against
In the time it took you to read this, another hundred babies were
executed.  Abortion is the holocaust of our time.  Pray for the babies
who have been lost, for the mothers suffering post-abortion stress, for the0D
families missing sons/daughters, nieces/nephews, and grandchildren; for all the
great scientists, teachers, religious leaders, gardeners, and sales clerks who
will never be because they are dead.
Remember, abortion does not make you un-pregnant, it makes you the mother
of a dead baby.  Pray for an end to the horror of abortion.